Stone Sculpture Trail

Welcome to this site, I would hope it both informs and inspires you to walk this trail. The chevin is rich in history and natural beauty and the various passages in these sculptural stonecarvings aim to encapsulate time passage through nature and the changes that have taken place in the rock formations here.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

If you look closely you can see fossilised tree branches on this fallen block of crags. These features are called soft-sediment deformation structures which are due to dewatering.....the sculpture below have exaggerated this process.
I have placed the calamites across each other at angles to demonstate the how you find them at this site ...the largest fallen rock that you find the forms on has tilted through 90degrees...this 'Calamites : Still Life' represents this but also makes a personal reference to my earlier development as a carver back at Birmingham Art College when I made a series of Stll Life sculptures in stone and wood (
'Calamites : Still Life'
'Calamites : Still Life'....... bedded in the ground adjacent to the boulders that they are on.

The spot where this sculpture is is called the Great Dibb Landslip, SE 1991 4435. This sculpture was inspired by the West Yorkshire Geological

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