Stone Sculpture Trail

Welcome to this site, I would hope it both informs and inspires you to walk this trail. The chevin is rich in history and natural beauty and the various passages in these sculptural stonecarvings aim to encapsulate time passage through nature and the changes that have taken place in the rock formations here.

Tuesday, 6 July 2010

This was shortly after the arrival of the stone and I was working up near the Whitehouse on the Chevin. the stone cut very quickly with my diamond-tip stonecarving grinder and right from the start I adopted a flowing organic approach to the stone modelling as seen here on the early stages of ' River Delta'.
The stone was very heavy and large in scale so I needed assistance from the Forest Rangers...and the use of a tractor to move the sculptures in and out of the barn as the work progressed.
This gives a good idea of the wonderful environment I was carving in...very different than the more secluded forest i had as a studio for the woodcarving trail I did earlier in the year.
This is the early stages of 'Stigmaria'...fossilised tree roots.

Here you can see the initial design of 'River Delta'

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